Marriage Retreat 2013

 The 2013 Marriage retreat took place at the beautiful Clearwater Lodge in Davis Lake, WA.  The Speakers this year were Tom & Jeanie Gonzalez. Their mission is to actively contribute to the fulfillment of Jesus’ Great Commission by encouraging and equipping couples to pursue a biblically based family." 


Some of the ways they approach this are:

PREVENTION. Equip couples and singles with information that will help them to prepare for marriage BEFORE they get married. This is accomplished by providing classes using MFE curriculum, “Planning for Successful Marriage.”

 IMPROVEMENT. Many married couples have not had the benefit of a pre-marital

course. They discover they need a “marriage tune-up”----so they, too, benefit from attending MFE’s “Planning for Successful Marriage” classes.


Read more about "Planning for Successful Marriage" here:

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