Pastoral Staff



Tyler Tadema

Interim Worship Director

Basic Job Description:
I collaborate with the senior pastor to plan Sunday morning worship services. I also work with a team of talented musicians to exhort the MLAC body of believers to praise God through reading scripture and singing.
Have you ever spent a day enjoying the aroma of a meal in its various stages of preparation? There is little more satisfying than sitting down to enjoy the tastes and smells of a well-planned meal that you have prepared for your family. There is something divine in planning, executing, and enjoying the fruits of one's creativity. Whether it's making dinner, planning a worship service, or writing a song, I find delight in creating something from scratch.
My wife, Ruth, and I have been married since 2005. She is a delight to me and anyone she meets. As a pharmacist, she serves the community in helping hurting people find relief. We have four children, Victor (2004), Judah (2004), Oliver (2012) and Hope (2014). They each bring something wonderfully unique to our family, and bring us great joy.