Friday Email



Friday Email

by Dave Dechape

Senior  Pastor

January 19, 2018



MLAC Family,

We are well underway with a new year and I am praying God is already doing great and glorious things with you. I would ask that as a church family you pray for a few things in the coming weeks. Please be praying for those that have responded to the Gospel this Christmas season, be praying for those that have had loved ones go home to be with Jesus, and be praying for the many things that are happening here at Moses Lake Alliance Church. In particular be praying for our children, Middle School, and High School students that are back to growing in their knowledge of and love for Jesus on Wednesday nights. Be praying for our 1P3 Equipping Courses that have started on Wednesday nights and be praying for our Growth Groups that have fired back up and provide a fabulous opportunity for people to grow in their love for Jesus and for each other.

I will leave you with a final question to ponder and pray about…

“What is at least one grand and glorious thing you want to see God do through your life for His glory this year and how will you act to see it accomplished?” Okay, that was technically two questions with a comma but God has graciously forgiven me so I hope you will too! J



Pastor Dave