Our Pastors

  • Senior Pastor: Dave Dechape

    Dave became the Senior Pastor at MLAC in August of 2017. He was drawn to the church by it’s commitment to Jesus and the congregations desire to see His name go forth throughout Moses Lake, the Columbia Basin, and beyond.

    Dave came to know Jesus the day after his 21 birthday with the help of his best friend from Junior High School and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in San Diego. Four very influential men in his life who loved Jesus helped lead him to pursue ministry. He credits these same men and a few others, and some of his favorite authors like John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, C.S. Lewis, J. Warner Wallace and Andrew Murray with continuing to shape him into the image of Jesus.

    Dave married J’lene in June of 2001, and they have two beautiful daughters, Makenna and Cailyn. Dave enjoys baseball, football, bungee jumping (or jumping off of anything high), boating, working out, reading and anything that involves danger or the potential for injury.

    He is most inspired by what he reads about Jesus in the Scriptures as well as the men and women who have continued to fight the good fight for Jesus regardless of circumstances.

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  • Executive Pastor: Dave Watson

    Dave started attending MLAC in the spring of 2014. He jumped right in training and leading adult missions teams and in July 2017 joined the staff part time as the Connections Ministry Leader. In April 2018, is role expanded to Executive Pastor in which he oversees the Connections Teams, Deacons, maintenance and custodial and manages the church vehicles, facilities and administration.

    Growing up in what he calls a “lukewarm” Christian home, Dave said he called himself a believer but never really knew Jesus and the Gospel. That all changed in the spring of 2010 when he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. He served in the US Navy and is a disabled Vet. He has worked as a construction contractor most of his adult life and spent 8 years as a Real Estate broker. He and his wife have served with C&MA in Siberia, Philippines and West Africa.

    Dave and Tina were married in May of 2005. Dave has two adult children, Kristen and Darrel.

    Dave enjoys all types of outdoor activities, especially snowmobiling, hiking and kayaking. He also loves to cook and work on his house. He says he is inspired by God’s wonderful grace in his life and by all the beauty in the world He created.

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  • Associate Pastor: Mark Roeber

    Mark officially joined the MLAC staff in September 2018. He says the position is the culmination of a nearly 30 year journey of what God has for him as a disciple of Christ. He and his wife, Debbie have attended MLAC for over 22 years and he has served in many capacities in the church as a member of the laity before the opportunity for service in a formal capacity developed. They were originally drawn to MLAC because of the integrity of the leadership and its passion for Jesus and a congregation that loved one another. “There were great people here then, and today that hasn’t changed,” Mark said. 

    He and Debbie were married in 1996 and they have two children, Sam, who attends Whitworth University and Esther, who attends Moses Lake High School. Mark enjoys movies, exercise, diving in a cold lake, decaf coffee, good conversation, laughing, playing music at church, and seeing my family happy. He says he is inspired by the love that Jesus has for us and how His love lets him loves others and help them find peace through Christ in their lives. A sweet moment with the Lord makes up for whatever the world throws at you.

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  • Youth Pastor: Tyler Ellis

    Tyler has been part of the MLAC team since March of 2011 when he knew God was calling him to the church as soon as he interviewed and saw the potential for great things in Youth Ministry here.

    He was born in upstate New York and grew up in Southern California. He roots for New York sports teams. He says his home church growing up offered him many opportunities to grow and be challenged in his faith, including his call to ministry. At Simpson University his character and beliefs were affirmed and cemented, and Moses Lake has offered him many opportunities to build on his faith in Jesus.

    Tyler and Tiffany were married in July 2009 and they have a daughter, Eisley, who was born in 2017. 

    Tyler enjoys spending time as a family, playing board games, watching Netflix, sports (baseball and football), fantasy football, disc golf, peanut butter cups and ice cream. He says he is inspired by Tiffany because of her work ethic in teaching, Eisley because it is amazing to see how God designed us to grow, nature and of course Jesus and his sacrifice, power and love.

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  • Kids Ministry Director: Marianne Badgley

    Marianne joined the MLAC team in Sept 2016 but her history with the church goes back to when she attended as a junior in high school. She left the area for 10 years after getting married but when her family returned to the area she was drawn to the family at MLAC.

    She says she has been shaped by her family, her Christian upbringing and her time attending Moses Lake Christian School. There is also a special place in her heart for memories spent at family summer camp and the three summers she spent as a counselor there after high school graduation. 

    Marianne married Alan in August of 1995 and they have six children, Chris, Alivia, Xiao Duo, Anna, Jordan, and Isaac. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, decorating, doing arts and crafts, gardening and reading. 

    She says she is most inspired by God’s beautiful creation and her family.

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  • Worship Director: Tyler Tadama

    Tyler and his wife, Ruth came to MLAC in 2009. One visit was all they needed to know that this was their church home. They loved the welcome they got from people and the many opportunities to get to know the ministries and become involved. Tyler has been involved with worship ministry since that time and took on the role of Worship Director in October 2016.

    Tyler grew up attending Hockinson Community Church, a little non-denominational Christian church near Vancouver, WA. There, he was impressed with the love of Christ and he had the opportunity to be part of the worship team in youth group. He was encouraged by several Christian mentors to embrace worship as a lifestyle and not just a practice. When he went to WSU to pursue a music degree, he got involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where he continued with leading worship, growing in his faith and stepping out in Christian service.

    Tyler and Ruth were married in 2005. They adopted two sons from the Ukraine in 2012, Victor and Judah and welcomed son, Oliver a few months later. Their Daughter, Hope was born in December 2014.

    Tyler enjoys playing music, volleyball, basketball, mountain biking and running. He also enjoys playing card and board games with friends and family.

    Tyler says he is inspired by seeing Christians around the world worshiping when he has gone on short-term mission trips. He is also inspired by people who are passionate about things and can share their expertise or experiences in those areas.

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Support Staff

  • Executive Assistant: Teresa gindhart

    Teresa joined the MLAC team in July 2016 after her husbands job brought them to Moses Lake. 

    She grew up in a Christian home, the youngest of three children. She accepted Christ at the age of 3, and has loved God, His Word and the church as long as she can remember.

    Teresa and Dave were married in September 1988 and have four adult sons. She enjoys reading, gardening and various creative and artistic interests.

    She says she is most inspired by nature and microscopic details. 

    “It blows my mind that the God who created the vast universes and our multifaceted world, also created the subatomic structures, and He still takes the time to pursue an intimate personal relationship with each tiny human being who will accept His love! Amazing!”

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  • Secretary/ comm. assistant: Tricia Linville

    Tricia started attending MLAC in 1995 after being invited by her neighbors. She joined the MLAC team in January 2012.

    Tricia grew up in the Catholic church and accepted Jesus at the age of 18 at a Charismatic Renewal Conference. As she studied the Bible, the Holy Spirit began to reveal to her that she needed to leave the Catholic church and seek only Jesus and rely on Him and His Word alone.

    Tricia married Troy in 1988 and they have three children, Trevor and daughter-in-law Katie, Thaddaeus, and Catriona.

    Tricia enjoys praising Jesus, musical theater, stargazing, waterfalls, warm homemade peanut butter, pirates and Minions (they make her laugh).

    She says most of her inspiration comes from observing God’s creation; both the beauty in nature that He created and watching how God can take our wretched lives and turn them into the beauty of a life lived through Jesus.

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  • communications director: Janeil Koethke

    Janeil joined the MLAC team as the Nursery Coordinator in February 2005. Her position expanded to include helping in all areas of Kids Ministry where she served as Kids Ministry Assistant for many years. She has transitioned into the role of Communications Director. 

    Janeil accepted Christ at the age of 15 after many prayers and invitations from a close friend. She fell in love with writing in 6th grade and went on to study journalism and graphic design. After five years as a writer, graphic designer and and editor at a newspaper, she became frustrated with the way the cynicism of the profession was rubbing off on her. When she was called to join the kids ministry team at MLAC, she felt unqualified, but stepped out in faith finding a new love of sharing Jesus with kids. Though she will continue to volunteer in Kids Ministry, Janeil is excited to return to her love of communications as she explores new ways to help the family of MLAC to connect and reach out to the community.

    Janeil married Shawn in March of 2002 at MLAC. They have two children, Vesta and David.

    Janeil enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and being creative. She says she is most inspired by nature, art and creative info graphics.

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  • Mountainside Assistant: Steve Jones

    Steve started attending MLAC in 1999 after it was recommended by some friends and family. He and his family loved the experience and in 2016 he was asked to join the church staff helping with The Mountainside young adult group.

    Steve was raised in a border town in South Texas. As far back as he can remember, his church and family was very involved with missions work in Matamoros, the Mexican border city. Growing up in such a poverty stricken area helped him understand that he should never take for granted his blessings from God. He learned from an early age what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus by watching his parents and others in the church faithfully serve others.

    Steve married LaVonne in August 1987. They have three children Kyndra and husband Steven Mather, Cody and Colton and one grandchild, Zed. 

    Steve enjoys photography, road trips, reading and sharing life with others in the form of one-on-one or small group conversations. He says he is inspired by Jesus (the answer to almost every Sunday School question). “I get inspired by hearing other people’s stories and how they came to faith in Christ, especially those who faced insurmountable odds,” Steve said. “I love hearing how God orchestrates events in people’s lives to bring them to Him.”

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  • Kids Kiosk Assistant: Sharna Marsh

    Sharna joined the MLAC team in 2017.  She started attending MLAC when her family moved to town because it was the church that her brother attended. She says she continues to call MLAC her church home due to the wonderful teaching from the pulpit and the beautiful people that attend.

    Sharna said she was led to Christ due to a friend in high school who kept inviting her to church. She finally decided to go just so the friend would stop asking. She has been attending church and growing in her relationship with God since that first time she went with her friend. She says, the issues that have risen in her life have taught her to stay close to God and rely on His counsel and direction for life. 

    Sharna married Bob on April 10, 1999 and they have a beautiful daughter named Olivia. Sharna enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends and camping. She says she is most inspired by reading God's Word and learning more about Him and who she is in Him.

  • Custodian: Mario Villasenor

  • Custodian: Rod Davila