As a community that values and believes in the power of prayer, we have two ways for you to share your prayer requests. You can fill out a Prayer Request Form (button link) to submit to our Prayer Team. These will be prayed for by our team and kept confidential. Or you can post your prayer on the public Prayer Wall below. The Prayer Wall Form at the bottom of the page allows you to choose what information is included for public view. 

Prayer Wall

Below you will find prayer request that have been submitted for our online Prayer Wall. We also include prayer requests sent in by our  friends on the missions field or current events that need us to bathe them in prayer. Please join us in prayer and let us know you are praying by clicking the "praying hands."


Sharon Dales surgery is over, she is now in the ICU and will be for 5 to 7 days. Surgery took almost 8 hours and she lost a lot of blood, but the surgery went well and the her outcome is very hopeful. Thank you for your prayers.


Please pray that my daughter and will be able to find another place to live in the next couple months believing for a house.


Would appreciate prayers for the details of our house sale and new build. As it stands, we have a couple months in between we need to find a place to stay. We’re trusting God knows best and will work it out.


Thousands of residents in Iowa are still without power after over 100 mph winds ripped through the state on Aug. 10. The area is trying to recover from devastating property and crop damage and national assistance has been slow to arrive. Please pray as residence try to clean up and assess the damage.


On August 4, 2020, there was a huge explosion in Beirut, Lebanon that has left the city devastated with building damage, thousands of people now homeless, and 200 known deaths (there may be more as they continue search and rescue). We also have a sister Alliance church, Evangelical Christian Alliance Church, and bible school, The Christian Alliance Institute of Theology (CAIT), that were majorly affected as they were a mile away from the blast site. Please pray for the following: • All of those who have lost loved ones or are recovering from injuries from the blast. • Our Alliance family in Lebanon who are working to assess the damage of their buildings and reach out to people who have been impacted. • The many people who are now homeless and in need of shelter and food in a place where the economy had already crashed and will now worsen. • The medical and relief workers trying to find and care for victims in harsh, toxic conditions. CAMA is coordinating relief efforts with the local churches there to help all of those in need.

Prayer Wall form

Use this form to submit a prayer request to be posted on the above prayer wall. If you would like more private prayer, please fill out the prayer form linked here to submit a prayer request directly to our Prayer Team.